Digital Advertising.. Reasons Why?

Digital advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world


Advertising to the market with the “power to purchase” is finally available with iSEE Digital.


Your digital advertising is displayed to a large number of customers in a forum they cannot fast forward or skip. People looking to purchase insurance, open bank accounts, buy a property or join the Police Force (just to name a few) are all exposed to the iSEE Digital screens.


Whether you are looking to promote products for sale in-store, maximise your brand awareness regionally or nationally, expose your business to a local targeted market or enhance your “Pathway to Purchase” message, iSEE Digital can offer you solutions for all your advertising needs.


With each store having up to a 55" digital display panel strategically placed for maximum exposure, iSEE Digital is reaching 100's of thousands of targeted viewers per day. Adverts can be changed within minutes allowing advertisers to tweak their advertising campaign quickly and cost effectively.


  • It puts the right message at the right time to the right target demographics

  • It provides the ability for hyper-targeting - demographic, geographic, income groups etc

  • Simple, Affordable, Effective Digital Advertising

  • “Time to campaign” – short planning and realization time

  • Proven research shows increase of in-store sales by over 40%*


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Digital Facts

47% of Customers recall seeing an advertisement on a digital screen.
GFK May 

66% of shoppers notice digital media more than any other advertising medium.
Nielsen & Ovab Europe 

19% Those who have made a purchase after seeing an item on a digital screen.
Nielsen & Ovab Europe 

30% of the Top brands are using Digital Out of Home.